Projects based on Xith3D

Here is a list of promising projects, that use Xith3D (not only) for rendering.


HELI-X is a Simulator for R/C-helicopters. It allows the pilots for a realistic flight training on several platforms. Included are video functions, a multiplayer mode and different training possibilities.

Xith3D is used as rendering engine. The backgrounds are based on Xith3D's skyboxes. Details can be found here:



Simulation of a population of "Digibots" (imaginary creatures) in a 3-dimensional world. They have a DNA composed of 3 genes, controlling their moving mode, obesity, and a mortal disease. The world and some statistics are shown in realtime. Uses Xith3D.


Stratagem engine is a free 3D real-time networked massive strategy game implemented in Java using Xith3D.
It is entirely "flavorable", so entire new games can be created using just models and XML definition files.



Eleconics is a Java-based cross-platform multiplayer only strategy game. Players create fleets of customized ships and control them in an fully 3D environment powered by the Xith3D engine. Players will compete through email, TCP/IP and "hotseat" methods.

Glory of Gods

A real time strategy game created in Java based around gods in a fantasy setting. A 3D game using the Xith3D library.




Design your own boards.


You are on an island with a big crater in the middle of it. It looks like a nice tranquil lake of watery stuff. Unfortunately where there are craters there is lava and it is about to overcome the island and take you with it. Sitting on top of the lava is a column of coloured ball looking things. In fact they are attracting the lava. The watery stuff is keeping the lava in check. You are in a rather precarious situation however you can do something about it - you have a big gun!


Jack is a flower collector (a kind of mutant beetle), he loves flowers so much that he can't help but collecting them !

Entering final polishing Jack Flowers - our first game created here - invites you to a an uncommon journey.

Your goal through the game is to help Jack picking up flowers to progress through vegetal levels.

During his journey, Jack will try to find four exceptional flowers (as they would fit well in jack's collection !). These flowers are located in four different environments : Grass Land, Desert, Moutains and Pond and they are protected by many ferocious insects and traps : Bees, spiders, scarabs, and even frogs and snails !

Martian Madness

Martian Madness is a simple platformer written in the spirit of boredom. Its intended to merge the 3D graphics world with the 2D platformer. It currently utilises the Xith3D scenegraph and rendering engine.

Currently Martian Madness is in development, its not far along yet, nothing much to see. Really, only download it, if you're interested to see what's going on at the moment. Hopefully this paragraph will get updated once there's some actual game play involved.


This is the game, David Yazel initially developed Xith3D for.