The people behind Xith3D

 (chronological order)

  • David Yazel
  • Creator, retired Lead Developer
  • William Denniss
  • Developer, Old webmaster, documenter, retired Lead Developer
  • Jens Lehmann
  • (deprecated) "Getting Started Guide" maintainer and tutorial author
  • Yuri Gushchin
  • Rendering engine and Java3D compatibility enhancement
  • Jeremy Booth
    (aka Endolf)
  • AC3D Loader
  • Kevin Glass
  • OBJ Loader
  • Artur Biesiadowski
  • Code tweaks, bugfixes and improvements
  • Abdul Bezrati
    (aka Java Cool Dude)
  • Performance Benchmarking and Demos
  • Charlie Dobbie
  • Initial port of the JOGL renderer to LWJGL
  • Matthias Mann
  • Second version of the TextureLoader
  • Arne Müller
  • Community support, Code tweaks, new PickingLibrary
  • David Wallace Croft
  • Xith3D Behaviors, Old COLLADA loader
  • Lilian Chamontin
  • Initial port of the JOGL renderer to JSR-231
  • Amos Wenger
    (aka BlueSky)
  • Former webmaster, Code cleaning, Community support, "Xith3D in a Nutshell" (initially), "Xith3D Physics Abstraction Layer" (XPAL)
  • Marvin Fröhlich
    (aka Qudus)
  • API renovation, Render-Core tuning, HUD system, Code cleaning and streamlining, Various tweaks and enhancements, Community support, "Xith3D in a Nutshell", New webmaster, New math-library, "Xith3D Physics Abstraction Layer" (XPAL), (New) Xith3D Lead Developer
  • Mathias Henze
    (aka Cylab)
  • Chunked Terrain Implementation. Testing and Bugfixes.
  • Kevin Finley
    (aka Horati)
  • SWT-in-Eclipse compatibility, Testing & profiling, Miscellaneous enhancements
  • Guilherme Gomes
    (aka guilhermegrg)
  • New Particle System "Java Open Particle System" (JOPS)


Special Thanks

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  • Scott Shaver - for his donation of the Java3D-like scenegraph code (SceneGraphObject, Node, Group, etc.) which was the starting point for the org.xith3d.scenegraph package (formerly com.xith3d.scenegraph).
  • Katarina Golub - for designing the Xith3D logo
  • YourKit, LLC - for open source licenses of their great profiler