Download Xith3D builds

On this page you can download Xith3D builds of three different categories.
Older downloads can be retrieved here

Please consider to checkout the SVN trunk instead of downloading a build. You will directly benefit from any bugfix or improvement, that is done.

Latest Stable
The latest stable release is normally the latest Xith3D build, that we considered to be stable and mostly bug-free.
But since we improved Xith3D a lot during the last year and a more recent build provides a whole lot more features and the API has changed a lot and the latest beta releases have been quite stable, we strongly advise you to use the latest beta release.

Latest Beta
The latest beta is the latest release with most of the features, the next stable will have.
The beta category might also hold release condidates (RC).

Latest Cooker
The latest cooker is the kind of release, that has the latest and greatest features (right after the SVN trunk, of course). We try to release a cooker build every now and then.
Currently we don't advise you to download the latest stable or beta, but this latest cooker.

How to retrieve Xith3D from SVN?

You can checkout the SVN repositories of xith3d and xith-tk from sourceforge by using any Subversion client.

Here is a short tutorial about how to do it with Eclipse+Subclipse:
  • Install Subclipse (if not already done).
    • Choose Help->Software->find and install->search for new features to install.
    • Then add a new remote site.
    • Type "Subclipse" as the name and "" as the URL.
    • Click OK.
    • Check the checkbox left to the new entry named "Subclipse", click "Next" and follow the instructions.
    • Restart your Eclipse.
  • Create a new Project: File->New->Project..., SVN->Checkout Projects from SVN->Create A new Repository Location.
  • Type "" resp. "".
  • Click "Next".
  • Choose "trunk", click "Next".
  • Click finish
  • wait
  • done.
Enjoy the full features of the latest and greatest Xith3D from SVN.