Interface NoParamCommand

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All Known Implementing Classes:
InputActionCommand, NoParamCommandBase

public interface NoParamCommand
extends Command

This abstract base class for the Command interface correctly overrides the hashCode() and equals(Object) methods. This implementation is especially menat for Commands without any parameters.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String execute(java.lang.Boolean inputInfo)
          Executes this command.
Methods inherited from interface org.jagatoo.commands.Command
createParametersArray, execute, execute, execute, execute, getKey, getLocalizedText, getNumParameters, getParameterTypes, getText

Method Detail


java.lang.String execute(java.lang.Boolean inputInfo)
                         throws CommandException
Executes this command.
If a CommandException is thrown, then only its info text is displayed.

inputInfo - this Boolean is true for a key-down or wheel-up and false for a key-up or wheel-down. The Command implementation must be aware of the fact, that this Boolean can be null.
this command's result if successful. Used to give the user a textual response to the command execution. May be null for simple commands.