Package org.jagatoo.input.listeners

Interface Summary
ControllerListener Listens for Controller events.
InputListener This interface simply unites KeyboardListener, MouseListener and ControllerListener.
InputStateListener An InputStateListener is a general listener for all input devices and all kinds of input events.
KeyboardListener Listens for generic keyboard events generated by any complying keyboard input API (a class which implements KeyboardDevice2).
MouseListener Listens for generic mouse events by any complying mouse input API.
MouseStopListener This listener is notified, when the mouse has not been moved for a specified amount of time

Class Summary
ControllerAdapter Simple adapter class that implements ControllerListener.
InputAdapter Simple adapter class that implements KeyboardListener, MouseListener and ControllerListener.
KeyboardAdapter Simple adapter class that implements KeyboardListener.
MouseAdapter Simple adapter class that implements MouseListener.