Class InputBindingsAdapter<A extends InvokableInputAction>

  extended by org.jagatoo.input.managers.InputBindingsManager<A>
      extended by org.jagatoo.input.managers.InputBindingsAdapter<A>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class InputBindingsAdapter<A extends InvokableInputAction>
extends InputBindingsManager<A>
implements InputStateListener

The InputBindingsAdapter can be used to bind DeviceComponents to InvokableInputActions.
You must add the instance as an InputStateListener to the InputSystem or one of its InputDevices.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.jagatoo.input.managers.InputBindingsManager
boundKeys, NUM_KEY_SETS
Constructor Summary
InputBindingsAdapter(int numCommands)
Method Summary
 void onInputStateChanged(InputEvent e, DeviceComponent comp, int delta, int state)
          This event is fired, if an input device of any kind changed its state.
Methods inherited from class org.jagatoo.input.managers.InputBindingsManager
addInputBindingListener, bind, bind, getBoundAction, getBoundAction, getBoundActions, getBoundActions, getBoundComponent, getBoundInputComponents, getBoundInputComponents, getInputBindingsMap, getNumActions, notifyBound, notifyUnbound, removeInputBindingListener, set, set, setInputBindings, setInputBindings, unbind, unbind, unbindAll, unbindAll
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Constructor Detail


public InputBindingsAdapter(int numCommands)
Method Detail


public void onInputStateChanged(InputEvent e,
                                DeviceComponent comp,
                                int delta,
                                int state)
This event is fired, if an input device of any kind changed its state.

Specified by:
onInputStateChanged in interface InputStateListener
e - the abstract event, that was triggered.
comp - the DeviceComponent, that is responsible for this event
delta - the delta information
state - the absolute state