Package org.jagatoo.input.managers

Interface Summary
InputBindingListener<A extends InputAction> This listener is notified of set/unset input-bindings.
InputHotPlugListener This listener is notified of hot-plugged InputDevices.
SimpleInputActionListener Insert type comment here.

Class Summary
_IS_Mgrs_PrivilegedAccess This class provides access to methods, that should not be public, but need to be accessible from other packages inside the input-system-tree.
InputBindingsAdapter<A extends InvokableInputAction> The InputBindingsAdapter can be used to bind DeviceComponents to InvokableInputActions.
InputBindingsManager<A extends InputAction> This is a generic input-bindings manager.
InputHotPlugManager The InputHotPlugManager polls for hot-plugged InputDevices and notifies listeners when devices are plugged in or out.
InputStatesManager Manages state-changes on any kind of InputDevice.
InputStatesManipulator The InputStatesManipulator provides a simple interface for key states manipulations.
MouseStopManager Looks for the mouse beeing stopped for a specified amount of milliseconds.
SimpleInputActionManager The SimpleInputActionManager can be used to bind input DeviceComponents to simple input-actions (like Strings).

Enum Summary
InputBindingsSet Many binding implementations allow for multiple bindings for the same action.