Package org.jagatoo.loaders.models.ase

ASE loader.


Class Summary
AseConverter Converts abstract ASE data to scenegraph data.
AseFile Loader for the ase file format.
AseGeom Holds an ASE geometry object.
AseGroup Object for the ASE node *GROUP.
AseMap This is an ASE map node.
AseMaterial This node holds information from a Max ASE Material node.
AseMesh The ASE mesh object holds the information for a single mesh.
AseNode Base node for all ASE nodes.
AseReader Extends LineNumberReader to read and parse a single line into pieces for easy reference by the parsing code.

Package org.jagatoo.loaders.models.ase Description

ASE loader. Loads ASE formatted model files.

Originally created by David Yazel, with significant enhancements by William Denniss. The ASE loader has a unique feature that allows the extraction of a tree of TransformGroups whose geometry is relitive to their pivot points (as defined in the modelling program). Two comprehensive tutorials exist with examples detailing how to use the loader (see below for links). This package was originally in the Xith3D code under the package name com.xith3d.loaders.ase.

Authors: David Yazel, William Denniss
Toolkit Dependancies: None Demo(s): org.xith3d.test.Xith3DAseGroupTest, org.xith3d.test.Xith3DAseTransformGroupTreeTest Tutorials/Documentation: The ASE Geomtry Loader by William Denniss, TransformGroup Trees with the ASE Loader by William Denniss.