Package org.jagatoo.loaders.models.cal3d.core

Class Summary
CalAnimation The animation class.
CalAnimationAction The animation action class.
CalAnimationCycle The animation cycle class.
CalAnimationRelative A variant of CalAnimationCycle that allows for additive blending.
CalBone The bone class.
CalCoreAnimation The core animation class.
CalCoreBone The core bone class.
CalCoreKeyframe The core keyframe class.
CalCoreMaterial The core material class.
CalCoreMesh The core mesh class.
CalCoreModel The core model or prototype for animated character models.
CalCoreSkeleton The core skeleton class.
CalCoreSubmesh The core submesh class.
CalCoreSubMorphTarget This class just holds morph data for a submesh morph target.
CalCoreTrack The core track class.
CalLoader Provides static methods for loading Cal3d elements from backing store.
CalMesh The mesh class.
CalMixer The mixer handles two tasks: scheduling and blending.
CalModel An instance of a core model with its own positions for the bones.
CalPhysique The physique class.
CalSaver Provides static methods for writing Cal3D elements to backing store.
CalSkeleton An instance of a core skeleton with its own positions for the bones.
CalSpringSystem The spring system class.
CalSubmesh The submesh class.