Package org.jagatoo.loaders.models.collada

Interface Summary
AnimatableModel A COLLADA model.

Class Summary
COLLADAAction A COLLADA "Action", or "Animation" or "Animation clip" or "Animation strip", whatever you call it : it's a "piece of movement" you can play on your model.
COLLADALoader This is a really simple COLLADA file loader.
LibraryAnimationsLoader Library animations loader.
LibraryControllersLoader Loader for LibraryMaterials
LibraryEffectsLoader Loader for LibraryEffects
LibraryGeometriesLoader Loader for LibraryGeometries
LibraryImagesLoader Loader for LibraryImages
LibraryMaterialsLoader Loader for LibraryMaterials
LibraryVisualScenesLoader Class used to load LibraryVisualScenes.
Rotations Rotations utility functions.
SkeletonLoader A loader for skeletons.