Package org.jagatoo.loaders.models.collada.stax

Class Summary
StAXHelper Helper functions for the StAX parser.
XMLAccessor Accessor contains the information needed to interpret a Source's data.
XMLAnimation A COLLADA animation.
XMLAsset Asset information about a COLLADA file, e.g.
XMLBindMaterial A Binding to a Material.
XMLBindMaterial.TechniqueCommon A TechniqueCommon, as a child of BindMaterial contains one or more of InstanceMaterial Child of BindMaterial.
XMLBindVertexInput A Binding of a Vertex Input
XMLBoolArray An array of Booleans.
XMLChannel A COLLADA Channel.
XMLCOLLADA Root element of an XML file.
XMLColor4 Container for a 4-component color definition : Red, Green, Blue, Alpha-transparency.
XMLColorOrTexture A Color or Texture used in ShadingParameters.
XMLContributor Contributor information about a COLLADA file.
XMLController A Controller.
XMLDiffuse The Diffuse part of a lighting definition.
XMLEffect An Effect.
XMLFloat A float element.
XMLFloatArray An array of Floats.
XMLGeometry A geometry contained in a COLLADA file.
XMLIDREFArray An array of IDREFs (String).
XMLIDREFUtils Utils about IDREFs.
XMLImage An Image definition.
XMLInput An Input contains instructions on how to read
XMLInstanceController An instance of a controller.
XMLInstanceEffect An instance of an Effect.
XMLInstanceGeometry An instance of a Geometry.
XMLInstanceMaterial An instance of a Material.
XMLIntArray An array of Integers.
XMLLibraryAnimations A library of animations.
XMLLibraryControllers A Library of Controllers.
XMLLibraryEffects A Library of Effects.
XMLLibraryGeometries A library of Geometries, that one COLLADA file contains.
XMLLibraryImages A Library of Images.
XMLLibraryMaterials A Library of Materials.
XMLLibraryVisualScenes The library of visual scenes in a COLLADA file.
XMLMaterial A Material definition.
XMLMatrix4x4 A column-major matrix
XMLMatrixUtils Utils to read Matrix from a COLLADA file.
XMLMesh A Mesh describes the vertex/normal/color/UV...
XMLNameArray An array of Names (String).
XMLNode A Node can have a Transform and can instance geometries/controllers (for skeletal animation).
XMLParam A param is instruction on how to interpret a part of a Source.
XMLProfileCG The CG profile.
XMLProfileCOMMON The COMMON profile, e.g. traditional OpenGL fixed pipeline.
XMLProfileCOMMON_NewParam A New Param concerning a profile.
XMLProfileCOMMON_Technique A Technique used to define the Appearance of an object in the ProfileCOMMON.
XMLProfileGLSL The CG profile.
XMLSampler A COLLADA Sampler.
XMLSampler2D A 2D Sampler.
XMLShadingParameters Parameters for a Constan, Lambert, Phong, or Blinn shading.
XMLSkin A Skin.
XMLSource Declares a data repository that provides values according to the semantics of an element that refers to it.
XMLSource.TechniqueCommon TechniqueCommon, as a child of Source, contains an acessor, which contains the information needed to read a Source.
XMLSurface A Surface definition.
XMLTexture A Texture used for shading
XMLTriangles A set of triangles.
XMLUnit The Unit used in a COLLADA file for lengths.
XMLVertexWeights The Vertex weights information for Skeletal animation.
XMLVertices Vertices used e.g. in a Mesh.
XMLVisualScene A visual scene.

Enum Summary
XMLChannel.ChannelType The type of a channel