Package org.openmali.spatial

Interface Summary
FrustumInterface Used for frustum culling.
IndexContainer Provides access to the indices in an object.
LineContainer Provides access to the lines in an object.
SpatialCallback<T> Used for queries against the container.
SpatialContainerInterface<T> A spatial container holds objects which implement the SpatialObjectInterface.
SpatialCuller<T> Used to add user controlled culling.
SpatialHandle<T> A spatial handle is a reference returned when a spatial object is inserted into a spatial container.
SpatialNode Insert comment here.
TriangleContainer Provides access to the triangles in an object.
VertexContainer Provides access to the vertices in an object.
WriteableTriangleContainer Provides writeable access to the triangles in an object.

Class Summary
VertexList This is a utility class to abstract a vertex list.

Enum Summary
AxisIndicator Abstaction of the axes of a coordinate system.
PlaneIndicator Abstraction of the planes of a coordinate system.