Interface Summary
Scribable Interface for reading and writing an extended java3d node into a ScribeInputStream and ScribeOutputStream :Id:,v 1.2 2003/02/24 00:13:44 wurp Exp $ :Log:,v $ Revision 1.2 2003/02/24 00:13:44 wurp Formatted all java code for cvs (strictSunConvention.xml) Revision 1.1 2001/07/14 14:48:10 wurp New animation, sky and avatar movement

Class Summary
Archive An archive is a flexible and high performance storage system for Scribable objects.
Scribe Portable reader/writer for all cosm objects.
ScribeGeometryArray Writes a GeometryArray out to a stream.
ScribeInputStream Stream for reading cosm objects.
ScribeOutputStream An output stream derived from DataOutputStream for writing out cosm objects to streams.
TestScribable This is a simple test object which creates a buffer of random data.

Exception Summary