Class FrameFPSListener

  extended by org.xith3d.loop.TitleFPSListener
      extended by org.xith3d.loop.FrameFPSListener
All Implemented Interfaces:
ConsciousFPSListener, FPSListener

public class FrameFPSListener
extends TitleFPSListener

This FPSListener prints the cought FPS to the Canvas3D's title. This is of course only visible in windowed mode.

Constructor Summary
FrameFPSListener(java.awt.Frame frame)
Method Summary
protected  void onDetachedFromRenderLoop()
          This is called when the listener has been detaced from teh RenderLoop.
protected  void setTitle(java.lang.String title)
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Constructor Detail


public FrameFPSListener(java.awt.Frame frame)
Method Detail


protected final void onDetachedFromRenderLoop()
This is called when the listener has been detaced from teh RenderLoop.

Specified by:
onDetachedFromRenderLoop in class TitleFPSListener


protected void setTitle(java.lang.String title)

Specified by:
setTitle in class TitleFPSListener