Package org.xith3d.loop.opscheduler

Interface Summary
Animatable This interface can be used for objects to be automatically beeing animated by the render loop.
Animator An Animator takes Animatable Nodes and animates them by a constant loop.
IntervalListener This interface is used by the ExtRenderLoop to notify other objects that an Interval was hit.
OperationScheduler An OperationScheduler is capable of handling ScheduledOperations, which are to be executed by the render thread.
PickScheduler Thsi interface allows for scheduled picking.
ScheduledOperation If you want an operation to be done by the rendering loop (for thread safety), pass an object implementing this interface to the scheduleOperation method of the RenderLoop.

Class Summary
Interval You can register an instance of this class to ExtRenderLoop.
ScheduledScreenshot An instance of this class can be added to any implementation of OperationScheduler.