Package org.xith3d.loop

Interface Summary
ConsciousFPSListener A ConsciousFPSListener is aware of the RenderLoop it gets its FPS count from.
FPSLimiter An FPSLimiter is capable of waiting each frame until the desired FPS is limited (the minimal iteration time is reached.
FPSListener This interface is used to let an object know the average FPS count of the last interval.
GameTimeHost An instance of this interface simply provides access to the current game-time.
RenderLoopController This is used to control a RenderLoop from outside.
RenderLoopListener This interface is used by the RenderLoop to notify other objects that the thread has started or stopped.
Updatable Updatable with game-time and frame-time.
Updater An Updater is capable of updating instances of Updatable.

Class Summary
CanvasFPSListener This FPSListener prints the cought FPS to the Canvas3D's title.
DefaultFPSLimiter The default implementation of FPSLimiter.
FrameFPSListener This FPSListener prints the cought FPS to the Canvas3D's title.
InputAdapterRenderLoop This loop renders the scene in the same or a separate Thread.
LimitedUpdater This Updater implementation manages cares about the frameTime posted to the Updatables not being greater than a specific value.
RenderLoop This loop renders the scene in a separate thread.
SmoothFPSLimiter The SmoothFPSLimiter is an implementation of FPSLimiter, that guarantees the movement to be smoothed at the cost of 100% (virtual) CPU load.
TitleFPSListener This FPSListener prints the cought FPS to the title of some titled object.
UpdaterImpl This is the simplest possible implementation of Updater.
UpdatingThread This is the base for any threaded operation.

Enum Summary
RenderLoop.RunMode You can start the RenderLoop in the same Thread as the app itself or in a separate one.
RenderLoop.StopOperation Use this enum for the setStopOperation() method.
UpdatingThread.TimingMode This enum contains constants to control the timing of this thread.