Package org.xith3d.physics.collision

Interface Summary
Collideable A Collideable is an object, which can collide with others objects.
CollideableGroup Group of Collideables, that can be handled like a Collideable itself.
CollisionListener A collision listener.
CollisionResolveListener A CollisionResolveListener is an extended CollisionListener.

Class Summary
CollideableBase Common parent (abstract class) for all Collideable Objects.
CollideableGroupBase Common parent (abstract class) for all CollideableGroup Objects.
CollideableGroupType A space type.
Collision Information about a collision : position, normal, depth, geoms that collided
CollisionCheck The CollisionCheck class is a simple wrapper for two Collideables, that are to be tested against each others by the CollisionEngine.
CollisionCheckList Insert type comment here.
CollisionEngine A Collision Engine.
CollisionEngineVendorInformation This class provides getters for the basic information about the CollisionEngine's vendor information.
CollisionPool A Pool for Collision instances.
CollisionResolver The CollisionResolver checks for collisions and forwards them to the SimulationWorld to resolve them.
CollisionResolversManager Manages the CollisionResolvers.

Error Summary