Package org.xith3d.render.preprocessing

Class Summary
BoundsAtom Bounds atom
FrustumCuller The ViewCuller is in charge of traversing the scenegraph to cull any Shape3D with the View's Frustum.
OrderedState The ordered state is used to denote that a particular atom must be sorted according to an order state first, before material sorting.
RenderAtom<T extends Node> A render atom is a discrete chunk of geometry and shader that will be drawn.
RenderBin A collection of RenderAtoms that will be prioritized and sorted for rendering.
RenderBinProvider Contains and maintains all RenderBins, which on their part may contain all RenderAtoms of the whole scenegraph.
ShadowAtom This is the RenderAtom responsible for occluder nodes.
ShapeAtom Atom for rendering a single Shape3D along with its geometry arrays.

Enum Summary
RenderBinType Holds a constant for any type of RenderBin in Xith3D's Renderer.