Class StatePriorities

  extended by org.xith3d.render.preprocessing.sorting.StatePriorities

public final class StatePriorities
extends java.lang.Object

A simple class for encapsulating a definition of a set of state priorites for sorting. We will have different profiles attached to different render bins to optimize for different conditions.

Field Summary
 int numStatePriorities
 int[] statePriorities
Constructor Summary
StatePriorities(StateTypes... priorities)
Method Summary
static StatePriorities getDefaultPriorities()
          Sets the sort order for all shader states.
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Field Detail


public final int[] statePriorities


public final int numStatePriorities
Constructor Detail


public StatePriorities(StateTypes... priorities)
Method Detail


public static final StatePriorities getDefaultPriorities()
Sets the sort order for all shader states. The lower states will be the primary sort keys and the priority drops further into array of state priorities. So if you want geometry states to have highest priority put them early in the list, while material priorties might be further down.