Package org.xith3d.render.states

Interface Summary
StateTrackable<T extends StateTrackable<T>> Simple interface that allows the renderer to assign a state id to a node.

Class Summary
StateMap A state map is used to map objects to state id's.
StateNode Used to keep a cached copy of a state for the render engine.
StateSortable The state sortable interface allows for rendering elements to be sorted according to a priority set in the Renderer.
StateSortableMap A state sortable map contains a list of StateSortable items for which an atom may have.
StateUnit A shader is what is responsible for setting up the graphics state to render an atom.

Enum Summary
StateTypes This enum can be used to initialized a StatePriorities instance, which must be passed to a StateRenderBinSorter or OrderedStateRenderBinSorter.