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public interface SingletonSoundContainer
extends SoundContainer

A sound data container is what acts as a generator for the actual sound data which will be played. Containers load all their data into memory, or they can load the data in chunks. Chunked data is called by the sound driver on demand, allowing for data to be decompressed in a double buffered stream.

Important note: Streamable data containers cannot be attached to more than one source at a time. In general you only need to stream the very large files and they would use a fairly small amount of memory.

Method Summary
 long getDuration()
 void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
 void setPaused(boolean paused)
Methods inherited from interface org.xith3d.sound.SoundContainer
getData, isStreaming, returnData, rewind

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long getDuration()


void setEnabled(boolean enabled)


void setPaused(boolean paused)