Package org.xith3d.ui.hud.base

Interface Summary
AutoSizable An auto-sizable Widget
PaddingSettable A Widget implementing this interface can get a padding.
TextWidget A TextWidget is a Widget type, that can hold a text.

Class Summary
__HUD_base_PrivilegedAccess Since java doesn't correctly implement the protected modifier and also doesn't provide necessary other modifiers, we need this class to avoid exposing some internal methods to the Widgets' public APIs.
AbstractButton This class is a base for all Buttons on a HUD.
AbstractList This is the base implementation for a List Widget.
BackgroundSettableWidget This class implements a base for rectangular Widgets, which are BackgroundSettable
Border This is an interface for the most basic methods of a Border.
Border.Description This class is used to describe a Border Widget.
LabeledStateButton This class serves as a base for all StateButtons with an Image and a Label.
LabeledStateButton.Description This class is used to describe a LabeledStateButton Widget.
ListModel A ListModel holds data for a List Widget.
StateButton This class is a base for all state capable Buttons on a HUD.
Widget All Widgets to be added to a HUD must extend this class.
WidgetAssembler An instance of this class is hold by each Widget.
WidgetContainer A WidgetContainer is a Widget, that can hold arbitrary Widgets.
Window This class represents a simple Window above the HUD.
WindowHeaderWidget Represents a Window's header bar's Widget.

Enum Summary
Window.CloseOperation This enum can be used for the setCloseOperation() method of a Window.