Class SliderAdapter

  extended by org.xith3d.ui.hud.listeners.SliderAdapter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class SliderAdapter
extends java.lang.Object
implements SliderListener

If a Widget makes use of other Widgets to be built and these Widgets produce events, that are to be catched be the Widget only, then you should create an inner class and let it extend this class to catch them, since it already implements all known Widget-Listeners (with empty method stubs).

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void onSliderValueChanged(Slider slider, int newValue)
          This event is fired when the value of a Slider has changed.
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Constructor Detail


public SliderAdapter()
Method Detail


public void onSliderValueChanged(Slider slider,
                                 int newValue)
This event is fired when the value of a Slider has changed.

Specified by:
onSliderValueChanged in interface SliderListener
slider - the Slider, which's value has changed
newValue - the new (current) value of the Slider