Package org.xith3d.ui.hud.utils

Interface Summary
PopUpable A PopUpable Widget is a Widget, that contains a pop-up-able part.
ToolTipFactory An implementation of this interface provides instances of Widgets, that are used as tooltips for other Widgets.

Class Summary
ButtonGroup This class can be used to group StateButton Widgets.
Cursor The Cursor class encapsulates a Texture and zero-point-coordinates for a HUD-Cursor.
CursorSet A CursorSet holds references to Cursors for all different Cursor.Types.
DefaultDropShadowFactory Default implementation of the DropShadowFactory.
DefaultToolTipFactory Default implementation of the ToolTipFactory interface.
DrawUtils Keeps static methods for Widget drawing.
DropShadowFactory the DropShadowFactory is capable of drawing dropshadows around Widgets
HUDFont The HUDFont abstracts fonts usable on the HUD.
HUDPickResult An instance of this class is returned by an pick method call of a Widget, if the picking was successful.
HUDPickResultPool An instance pool for HUDPickResult instances.
HUDTextureUtils HUDTextureUtils is a utility class that provides class methods to load and cache textures for your game.
LocalZIndexComparator Simply compares Widgets by local z-index.
MouseHoverWidgetMover A MouseHoverWidgetMover interpolatedly moves a Widget from its current location to a destination location when the mouse hovers in and out.
MultilineText MultilineText splits an input string at the newline character and calculates sizes and offsets in pixels.
ScrollHandler A ScrollHandler is capable of managing communication between a scrollable Widget and the ScrollBars as well as properly adding the ScrollBars to the Widget on demand.
WidgetMover A WidgetMover interpolatedly moves a Widget from its current location to a destination location.
WidgetZIndexGroup This class can be used to logically group some Widgets by their z-index.

Enum Summary
ScrollMode Defines basic scroll modes to control a scrollable Widget's scroll(-bar) behavior.
TileMode Defines, how images are tiled across a Widget's surface.