Class SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser

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public class SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser
extends BasicPlaceableVerticalFocuser

Same as BasicPlaceableVerticalFocuser, but smooth.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser(View view, Placeable placeable, float height, float alpha, Updater updater)
          Creates a new SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser.
Method Summary
 void setOffset(org.openmali.vecmath2.Tuple3f offset)
          Set a shifter for this focuser.
 void update(long gameTime, long frameTime, UpdatingThread.TimingMode timingMode)
          Updates this Updatable object.
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Constructor Detail


public SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser(View view,
                                      Placeable placeable,
                                      float height,
                                      float alpha,
                                      Updater updater)
Creates a new SmoothPlaceableVerticalFocuser.

view - the view on which to act
placeable - the placeable to focus on
height - the initial height of the Camera
alpha - the interpolation speed, between 0 and 1
updater - an Updater on which to register
Method Detail


public void setOffset(org.openmali.vecmath2.Tuple3f offset)
Set a shifter for this focuser. If non-null, the shifter will modify the position of the camera once it's interpolated, so that you can have variety of views.

offset - the sifter offset


public void update(long gameTime,
                   long frameTime,
                   UpdatingThread.TimingMode timingMode)
Updates this Updatable object.

Specified by:
update in interface Updatable
update in class BasicPlaceableVerticalFocuser
gameTime - the gameTime in Milliseconds
frameTime - the frameTime in Milliseconds (needed time for the last frame)
timingMode - the TimingMode to use for frameTime.