Class PlaceableConnection

  extended by org.xith3d.loop.opscheduler.impl.ScheduledOperationImpl
      extended by org.xith3d.utility.classes.beans.PlaceableConnection
All Implemented Interfaces:
ScheduledOperation, Updatable, Connection

public class PlaceableConnection
extends ScheduledOperationImpl
implements Connection

A PlaceableConnection

Constructor Summary
PlaceableConnection(Transformable t1, Transformable t2)
          PlaceableConnection ensures that t1 has (nearly) always the same position/orientation as t2.
Method Summary
 void breakConnection()
 void update(long gameTime, long frameTime, UpdatingThread.TimingMode timingMode)
          Updates this Updatable object.
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Constructor Detail


public PlaceableConnection(Transformable t1,
                           Transformable t2)
PlaceableConnection ensures that t1 has (nearly) always the same position/orientation as t2.

t1 -
t2 -
Method Detail


public void breakConnection()

Specified by:
breakConnection in interface Connection


public void update(long gameTime,
                   long frameTime,
                   UpdatingThread.TimingMode timingMode)
Updates this Updatable object.

Specified by:
update in interface Updatable
gameTime - the gameTime in Milliseconds
frameTime - the frameTime in Milliseconds (needed time for the last frame)
timingMode - the TimingMode to use for frameTime.