Class EnvironmentCapabilities

  extended by org.xith3d.utility.platform.EnvironmentCapabilities

public class EnvironmentCapabilities
extends java.lang.Object

Information regarding specific workarounds. Because there are so few platform specific workarounds, we centralize the meta data about all of them in one place. All methods of this class should query very simple information and return boolean. All methods should leave system state unaffected. If there is dynamic information necessary to complete the query, it is acceptable to pass read-only parameters; i.e., for anything that is not global to the system.

Method Summary
static EnvironmentCapabilities getInstance()
 boolean isIllegalMakeCurrentRequired()
 boolean isVSyncSwitchingAllowed(OpenGLLayer ogl)
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Method Detail


public static EnvironmentCapabilities getInstance()


public boolean isVSyncSwitchingAllowed(OpenGLLayer ogl)


public boolean isIllegalMakeCurrentRequired()