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Welcome to the community based Xith3D site. Here you will find a detailed FAQ to answer the more common Xith3D questions, user contributed tutorials, Xith3D builds, technical docs, links and more. We hope you will find this site useful, and if you have anything to contribute please mail to the Xith3D users mailing list.

There are several ways to keep informed of Xith3D progress and talk with other programmers. The best of these currently is the forum at The official mailing lists are also a good means of communication. See the links page for more.

What is Xith3D?

Xith3D is an open source 3D scenegraph for Java. It is designed to be leaner, more game orientated alternative to the Java3D scenegraph, yet using the same basic scenegraph structure as Java3D (ie. similar functioning TransformGroups?, Nodes, Views, etc).

Unlike the Java3D scenegraph, you can also potentally access the underlying rendering API (usually OpenGL) by directally calling the OpenGL commands. Also, because it is open source, if it doesn’t do somthing that you need it to do – you can change it. Currently Xith3D runs on top of JOGL (Java for OpenGL) or LWJGL (Light Weight Java Gaming Library)..